Will the English language one day become obsolete?

  • Yes, I agreee

    Languages evolve and as English spreads around the world it changes and evolves and as time continues languages evolve more and more. Latin is a good example of a single language changing into many others. Previously in history, French was the dominant and most prestigious language in the world but France's empire and power declined. The current dominance of English in the world rests mainly on the USA's dominance of world affairs and this is coming to an end as China and India for example are both growing quickly and have far greater populations.

  • Not everyone speaks it.

    70 % of the word's population speaks insufficient or no English, and most of those who speak it can speak a kind of English sufficient for airports and commerce, but native speakers are often harder to understand. Only 9 % of the world's population could hold a conversation with a native Anglophone. Moreover, Chinese and other languages seem to be candidates for the future economic leadership. According to Charles Arthur, technology editor, by 2050 native English speakers will be only 5 % of the world's total population. There are many other reasons, but it would be too long to explain. For more informations read about Claude Hag├Ęge, Charles Arthur etcetera.

  • Yes,English is just another language in the world.

    Like latin was in the 11th. The people around the world are always changing and improving themselves, maybe the english will evolve with they. The english speakers are also not eternal, many persons in the world speak more than a language and they can teach to their children spanish, portuguese or french maybe.

  • Yes, English as we know it will evolve.

    No language remains static forever, unless it becomes a language of certain professions. The English language itself will almost certainly remain in the sense that it is so widely-spoken that its future evolutions may remain around indefinitely, However, the language we know as English today is as certain to disappear as the languages we now call Old and Middle English, both of which are barely recognizable to modern English speakers.

  • No.

    Barring a catastrophic meltdown, it will not disappear any time in the near future. English has become a very large part of every day life all across the world. It's a mandatory secondary language in many parts of Europe and Asia. Despite not being the most spoken language of the world, it has all but become the lingua franca at this point.

  • It will never go away

    While English will continue to grow and change, it is here for good. It is already considered the global language for many people, with foreign nations requiring it as a second language in school. Many places in the world have citizens that can fluently speak English with no problems. This trend will only continue to grow.

  • English Is Here To Stay

    The English language will not become obsolete. For that to happen the world would have to end.Millions of people speak it around the world and I just do not seeing it dying off in the future. For that to happen America would have to be overthrown and taken over in a war and we all know that will not happen.

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