• Yes, the Euro will continue to decline in value.

    I believe that the Euro will continue to decline in value throughout 2015, as its value is tied strongly to the U.S. Dollar, which is very strong right now. As long as the demand for U.S. Dollars and U.S. goods continues to stay high in Europe, the comparative value of the Euro will remain low.

  • Yes, the euro will continue to decline in 2015.

    The European Central Bank has pumped more cash into the market, this flood of Euros will negatively affect the exchange rate. Morgan Stanley have warned that they expect the EURUSD to head toward 1.14 by the middle of 2015, which means that they predict that the currency will continue to fall in value.

  • Will the euro continue to decline in value in 2015?

    I agree with the euro continuing to decline. Especially since the pressure is on the European Central Bank to do quantitative easing they will more than likely give in. It is likely the euro will have more than 4 percent decline by at least the middle of this current year, making the euro around $1.15.

  • Asia Will Be The Tiger in 2015

    It seems like the United States will continue to gain some steam in 2015. Asia will likely be the tiger once again, and that should have an effect on keeping the Euro down for the better part of the year. It should help exports though, so there is some reason to keep the Euro flat or lower for the time being.

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