• Save the refugees

    It may not end but may Improve in time, weather is the enemy uk needs to be involved and commit to dealing with this problem.
    My concern is how moving children and people into the unknown is not ideal,different cultures need to be close by if peace ever comes and more help to protect the groups, Europe
    The U.K. Is not the means to an end, cities bring new dangers as refugees attempt to adapt, they need small towns in the country

  • Yes, I think the Euro crisis will eventually end.

    Overall I think the European Union will be able to contain the debt crisis and set new measures in place to prevent nations from getting into a situation like that again, I think when you are dealing with different Government's and vastly complex situations it can take years to solve but eventually it will be.

  • When Economy Picks Up

    The Euro Zone crisis will end, but only when the economy picks back up to pre-2008 levels. American stock markets are booming and capital investments are improving. Europe simply needs to figure out how equitable tax structures will work to support an aging population. Retirement, health care and entitlements are all important to mainstream Europeans while young people are upset they are shouldering more burdens of taxpayers. The euro crisis will end when government spending is reined in.

  • When they start doing the right things

    They are listing to much to conservatives and the US conservatives. They think we are going to get out of this crisis by cutting everything. That is like someone not being able to afford their bills anymore because of inflation., They start canceling some of their fringe benefits like cable, their maid service, and it is still not enough. They then decide to quit their job so they can focus on what else to cut. It just does not make sense. It is austerity at it's finest. That is why the economy is so stagnant.

  • Yes, it will

    I think its going to end, everything has to come to an end. The issue is how is it going to end? If a war is brewing because of the Asian superpowers, minus the stimulation of war profits. The crisis will end. I think its going to end before that though. Things will slowly get back to normal eventually.

  • Euro crisis is subject to the rest of the world

    The Euro crisis is no different than the crisis happening on any other part of the world right now. The US is in severe debt and Japan is having major financial issues as well. A lot is happening in the world and a lot of different countries need to adjust and the Euro is no different.

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