Will the European tax investigation find any wrongdoing on Amazon's part?

  • Yes, most likely

    If the people who investigate taxes look hard enough, they will almost always find something that they disagree with. They can look into everything and almost always find a tiny error. I personally can't say they will find anything that was done on purpose, but in general they tend to find an issue somewhere.

  • Amazon will not be found guilty of any wrong doing.

    The tricky world of taxes and businesses can be confusing but if the statements made by the City of Luxembourg and Amazon hold up under the scrutiny of the investigation, it will be found Amazon is not guilty of any wrongdoing. The fact that Luxenbourg is fully cooperating indicates that no hanky panky was involved. And if Luxenburg did break the rules, it is they and not Amazon who will be in trouble.

  • didn't do nothing wrong

    according to there laws in europ there was no crime committed so there for they should nto find nothing out of the ordinary from what I have researched Alot of people assume just because something works It's illegal which in this case isn't so they are continuning with the way they are running there country

  • It's easy to avoid breaking the law when the law is inherently broken.

    Tax codes are typically riddled with loopholes, and accountants for multinational corporations have every incentive to find and exploit any loopholes that exist, but existing penalties are generally sufficient to prevent companies from stepping outside the law, and those companies have lawyers to ensure that they don't actually violate the law. An investigation will most likely conclude that Amazon has unquestionably exploited legal loopholes but stayed within the law while doing so. The next step is for lawmakers to consider changing the law to close those loopholes.

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