• The eurozone economy, and global economy, will bounce back in 2015.

    The eurozone economy will bounce back in 2015. Unemployment numbers, while high, are falling overall in Europe. Coupled with the very strong economic market in Germany, the eurozone's economy will improve in 2015. Additionally, as the global economy is interconnected, improving economic conditions in the United States and elsewhere in 2015 will have a positive effect in Europe.

  • Eurozone economy will bounce back in 2015.

    The eurozone is slowly getting back on track. Equity markets are responding positively. The prospect of more ECB action looks positive. Russia's aggression against Ukraine has pretty much blown over. The EU commission pushes for a sense of urgency for growth in Europe. This area is bouncing back and fast.

  • Yes, the Eurozone economy will bounce back in the coming year.

    In one sense, as many commentators have pointed out, the extreme interconnectedness of the Eurozone economy is a point of weakness. While Germans may be doing quite well, they suffer because Greece, Portugal, and Spain are doing so poorly. Yet on the other hand, this interconnectedness is also its strength. With so many vigorous nations involved, a comeback is only a matter of time.

  • No, I don't think that it will bounce back

    No, I do not think that eurozone economy will bounce back in 2015 because the world is just keeps getting deeper and deeper into this black hole and you can't even legally go live off the grid anymore which is supposed to be completely normal so I think the world is so messed up.

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