• Yes it will

    Yes this is different and as it gains popularity a lot more people will end up watching the show more and more because there is a good set of actors working on this television series. People want to see more family friendly shows rather than reality based television shows they are getting old.

  • The charm of Fargo can transcend to TV

    The reason Fargo the movie endures as a great film worthy of watching again and again is because it captured "Minnesota nice" so well and that regional accent and charm are genuine and true. The cast for the TV series are able to capture and convey the same level of realism that we saw in the movie.

  • It has too specific of an audience

    The Fargo TV series will have some success at first but might fade out after a few years. The audience it will tap into will enjoy it but then suffer from boredom after a while. The public tends to have a short attention span. They look to entertainment for new forms of stimulation all the time.

  • I Doubt It

    I do not believe the Fargo TV series will be a success unless it is made available to more people. Shows like this need to be released directly to the Internet or another provider like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Cord cutters aren't going to pay the high prices for cable, just to watch this show. While the premise is good, the audience is elsewhere.

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