Will the final Presidential debate between Romney and Obama determine the election?

  • I guess

    Obama could freak out in the middle of the speech and say that he hates gays and america, then goes on to say that he is a supporter of communism and will rule over the country with an iron fist then he will most likely lose the election.

    That won't happen, but is still possible

  • I think, and hope, it did.

    Mitt Romney was well out of his depth once again and, instead of addressing the matters in hand, tried to disguise his ignorance of foreign affairs by trying to blame the economic woes caused by the previous Bush administration on the President. Of course, domestic issues are more of a concern to most American voters but the US does not live in isolation from the rest of the world and how she interacts with international community is of vital importance.

  • It will certainly play a vital role.

    With the first debate going to Romney and the second going to Obama, tonight serves as the ultimate tiebreaker. The U.S. public saw Romney defeat Obama in the first debate, and saw Romney humiliated in the second. The many Americans who have not yet made up their mind will certainly look to tonight as the final indicator of who is better fitted to serve as President.

  • No.

    Even though Romney was not strong in this speech I still believe that he will beat Obama in this election. There are so many issues that Obama said he was going to address and never did. He had his chance to show us what he could do for us as President. I'm only 18 years old and this is my future that will be decided. I don't support Obama in this election.

  • They're not persuasive

    I wouldn't vote for either one of them, one of them can't make what he say come through and the other one do not really have an persuasive morality. Hope US will get more parties to the top, two isn't enough. If there were more i think it'd be more equilibrium in the government, more interesting debates .. i think the country would have better governance!

  • It's just a repeat of the first two debates

    After the first two debates, this one was a bit conservative and friendly, with no big jabs from either candidate. I think both are satisfied with their positions, with Romney's October surge and Obama looking more like his 2008 self. Because of this, this will likely have no influence on the current trends.

  • No Debates Themselves Don't Swing Votes

    The vast majority of voters have already decided who they're voting for along party lines. The debates rarely change that fact. If anything the debates simply serve as a mechanism for voters to reaffirm their choice. For the small percentage of undecided voters out there, I suspect the debate may play a small role in shaping their vote among other things like facts, platform and party, etc. Bottom line, the final debate will not be the deciding factor of the election.

  • Decisions Have Been Made!

    I have no facts to support this, but peoples' minds have been made at this point in time. I can see how the first debate could of swayed voters; however, I believe that voters have made up their minds already and are set in their ways. Further debates are just going to rile up both sides and result in a national hissy fit that is overly publicized - 0 impact on anything other than my annoyance toleration.

  • The Facts Speak For Themselves

    This election will be decided by the way things are for Americans now. It will not be decided by catty speeches, but by exploding welfare rolls, skyrocketing deficits, billions of wasted dollars on Chicago-style cronyism for media & 'green' industries, record lows in workforce participation rates (the "real unemployment"), declining household wealth & income, rising renunciations of US citizenships, and falling standing in global rankings of freedom and economic competitiveness. The damage has been done; it is too late for words.

  • No the final debate will NOT determine the election.

    Most voters have already decided on who they are going to pick for the election, based on the first two debates. The final presidential debate has to compete for viewership with Monday Night Football and with Major League Baseball, which will take away voters. The debate is on foreign policy, which has been shown to be less important in national polls than economics, which the first two debates focused on.

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