Will the #FloodWallStreet campaign change the viewpoint of big businesses' role in climate change?

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  • No, no difference will be made.

    Most of the world are still either ignorant, uncaring, or unconvinced about the threat of global warming. The effects appear non-existent to many in individual lives or feel unaffected by it's potential. Business does not see any reason to fund money into a cause which has no financial return or return of goodwill towards their business from public empathy.

  • Campaigns provide buzz and awareness, but little change

    While I believe that campaigns such as #FloodWallStreet help to increase awareness and get people talking about big businesses' role in climate change, I do not believe that such campaigns do much to change organizations' role. The businesses need to have an incentive to make a change and people campaigning in the streets is not incentive enough.

  • No, #FloodWallStreet campaign will not change big businesses overall view of climate change

    As much as businesses should be listening to the science and data of climate change in the #FloodWallStreet campaign, it will be very hard to shift focus of big businesses role in climate change unless there is a benefit to their company. Campaigns will bring awareness to the consumers and who's actively participating to protect our environment, so it's more likely consumers will bring change to Big Business.

  • #FloodWallStreet campaign won't change business' minds on climate change

    A business exists ultimately to make a profit. It earns that profit by providing products and services that customers want. All strategic business decisions are guided by profit. Public demonstrations like #FloodWallStreet campaign do not directly affect the profitability of a business. They demonstrate public sentiment, but until that sentiment is translated into changes in business revenue and profit, business has no incentive to respond. When profitability is seen to be affected, whether by changes in customer spending or through influence of government regulations, then business can and will respond to protect their profit and their existence. Business does notice public sentiment, but does not make business decisions based directly on that sentiment. The #FloodWallStreet campaign won't change business; minds about climate change.

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