• The eternal march of progress will continue without falter

    Fusion is a safe, sustainable and reliable energy source that I believe will dominate the world's energy production in the future. There are many reasons why fusion energy is a very good idea. For example, there is an abundance of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen which is used in the fusion process, in our seawater. It would take millions upon millions of years for it to run out. It is also a clean source of energy, meaning it produces no pollutants in the atmosphere. It is also practically impossible for an accident to occur the likes of which we see in nuclear fission power plants. But of course, this is not what the question is ultimately asking. The question is asking whether fusion power is plausible, not whether we should use it if we could produce it.

    Mainly, I believe our world will be powered by fusion because 1) it is desirable, and 2) it is feasible. Number 1 is a no-brain. Of course, with all the benefits I listed above, the world would absolutely love to have an unlimited energy supply. Just imagine the possibilities in a world where you can create abundances of energy at absolutely no cost. However, number 2 is where it gets tricky. Is fusion power technologically feasible? I believe it is. In 2007, an international research group named ITER already created a reactor that can create the reaction. The only problem is that it takes more energy to sustain the reaction than the energy produced. But ITER is only in the infancy stages of its development. I believe that determined scientists will unlock the door to fusion. It is only a matter of effort. As I said, the eternal march of progress will continue without falter, and fusion energy is a simply a step along the road.

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