Will The Future Generation's Education Go Down In Flames?

  • School is becoming less and less about education.

    In middle school now, nobody really cares about their academics. Kids ditch class and fall asleep and goof off with their buddies, and nobody pays attention to things like algebra or classic literature. The education system is failing because the kids in it don't care about their education anymore. School is just another chore, one where you play on your phone while a teacher drones on. Concepts are being dumbed down more and more for the stupid kids and the ones that don't care about their future and bullies rule the school far more than teachers. School is nothing more than a place for socializing for my generation, and learning is a thing of the past.

  • In America, school is terrible

    American education isn’t about learning new things and knowing how to use them in life; it’s all about learning how to fit in like a minnow in a school of fish and not get eaten by bigger fish or get split away from your fellow fish acquaintances.
    Furthermore, no matter how knowledge-ful the curriculum is, American students can’t process all of that knowledge like we expect them to.
    For example, Elementary school taught me more Yo Mama jokes than the properties of mathematics, Junior High taught me more about the “lunchtime blackmarket trade,” than how to balance a chemical equation, and High school taught more about the definition of “cute girls,” than the definition of an “oxymoron”.

  • With brainwashing at it's peak, of coarse.

    We are legalizing recreational marijuana, and this will tempt way more troubled children to do drugs, which will lower I.Q. War with Isis is tempting more children and teens to join the army. Political indoctrination (Pledging Allegiance to the flag mindlessly every day) will most certainly result in not only violent religious radicalization, but political as well. The only solution is smart open mindedness.

  • Kids in America are so stupid.

    When I was a kid, we talked about interesting things, such as science, or intellectual games. When I went to America, I heard kids talking about stupid topics, such as idiotic games and how they are failing in school. I am so superior to those kids, I felt appalled to have even been in the presence of them. America, step up your education system, your kids are the laughingstock of the world!

  • Education is Falling!

    The education system is falling. Kids have no common sense and they are not teaching cursive anymore. Kids are disrespectful now; they don't teach children that anymore. When I was little, they taught all of this. Yes, I'm only 12, but it was a lot different when I was 5.

  • We Are Evolving

    I understand people say this generation is a disappointment since it's the "selfie" generation as some call it, however, kids are getting smarter. The rates of students graduating high school and attending college surpass the past generations, actually, and there are more "child prodigies" than there have been in the past. So no, I do not think the future generation's education will go down in flames, they were left with the scraps from the previous generations and they are still making something out of it.

  • For America, most likely. For the world? Not necessarily, so no.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but some other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong leave the US in the dust in terms of Education. Maybe, just maybe, if other countries stopped having such high ego, they can learn from them to improve from their own. So despite there being quite a few billion uneducated, all it takes is a genius to turn it around.

    Posted by: FT
  • We can say this for any generation, can we not ?

    Of course, I agree that more and more younger citizens are falling into the trap of illegal actions and irresponsible behaviour. However, don't forget that while this does occur almost everywhere around the world, there are also many, many young people who strive to be successful in their studies and future careers. Morally wise ambitions and motivations are still made and used in today's generation. To judge a generation based on a group of people is unjust and frankly, illogical.

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