• The Gap Will Get Smaller

    The gap between the rich and the poor will get smaller because eventually people find better ways to survive. People find new economies and niche markets to deliver their skills to. At the same time, only people who truly are intent on rising up will do so. People who wait for others to help them will usually be left out of the ride towards progress.

  • Yes the gap between the rich and middle-class will be reduced.

    At some point in time the Congress will be forced to rewrite the Tax Code which is the prime driving force behind the fact of the shirking middle class in the United States. The rich, both individual and corporations, will be required to bear a larger share of the national debt. Changes in the Tax Code will also allow the middle classi to keep more of the income they earn.

  • No the gap will never change

    I feel that there will always be a rich and poor people. There are not as many opportunities for poor people and they will never feel that gap. I can't see any way with how the economy and things are going with education costs going up how it will change.

  • Middle Class bumped to Lower class

    The financial issues of this day and age are getting worse by the minute. It seems that every time we look we are paying more taxes, paying higher gas prices, and the cost of living increases every year. One thing that does not seem to increase nearly enough is the rate at which the middle class and working class men are paid. While prices sore at the grocery store, we are charged for not having the required medical insurance or charged for needing it when we use it, our pay seems to barely cover our mileage anymore.
    The middle class man used to be able to support their family on just minimum wage and have some left over for saving but now with the taxes and bills set in place to help the wealthy stay wealthy middle class is something of the past. There truly is going to be only two classes left with all that has been put in place and that is the wealthy and the not. So there is no way that the gap between the two will get smaller, it will only become farther apart.

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tammieskylah says2014-09-10T16:13:24.220
This is a hard one richer people always look down at other people but I know as a fact we will all end up in the same place one day and that will be 6 ft under ground then we will see whos laughing