Will the Gap's decision to raise minimum wage salaries start a new trend for US businesses?

  • Minimum wage is not livable

    Minimum wage in America is, with the exception of a few select rural places with extremely low property values, not feasible for survival for any human being. The fact that the federal standard for a living wage is significantly below the threshold for actually living in America is disgusting, and more companies should follow suit if the government will not.

  • No It Won't

    I do not believe Gap's decision to raise minimum wage salaries will start a new trend for US businesses. Gap, Inc. doesn't just include Gap, they also own Athletica, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. They haven't mentioned any of these other brands in this announcement which I find odd. Secondly, they'll be cutting into their profits or simply raising prices. It's doubtful many businesses will follow. That's not to say that Gap out not be praised for their decision. I'll be far more likely to shop there in the future.

  • No, Gap raising minimum wage will not affect other businesses.

    I do not think that Gap deciding to raise the minimum wage salaries of their employees will start a new trend in US businesses. Other businesses and companies in America will still decide to by what the government thinks is a fair amount for minimum wage. I think that it will also depend on people vote for a better minimum wage.

  • No, I don't think the Gap will start a higher salary trend.

    I would love to say that other businesses will follow the Gap's example, but I don't think they will, unless forced. Companies are concerned with profits first, and people second. Since the economy is still recovering, there are still people who will work for minimum wage, as they're happy to just be working. Therefore, companies don't have to offer higher salaries, and I don't think they will, until the market or the government forces the issue.

  • No, I don't think Gap's decision to raise their minimum wage will start a new trend for US businesses.

    I believe the majority of US businesses either want to pay their employees as minimally as they can or perhaps they would become unprofitable if they raised the pay on their minimum wage employees, overall I think the mininum wage will only raise nationwide when the Government raises the mininum.

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