• German economy causes anxiety but outlook is positive

    A string of dismal performances in the German markets in the past few days has caused anxieties about a recession in the euro zone. But the rise in German car sales which is the lifeline of the global scale economy has fueled a positive outlook for a full German economy recovery.

  • No doubt about it!

    With the tourism what it is in Germany, it would be unlikely that the German market would not bounce back sooner or later. While Germany has taken hits in some areas, it successfully makes up for it in others. Nothing will stop tourists from wanting to see the beauty, land and history that is Germany.

  • German Economy Is Healthy

    The German economy is a healthy and robust one. The German strengths: strong industrial production, stable domestic demand and solid financial fundamentals help the country to position itself as the strong EU economy. Additionally the latest figures I suppose are with some seasonal and extraordinary items impacting the final data. Next quarter data will overcome the decline.

  • Germany is the backbone of Europe.

    No, the German market will not bounce back from the recent hit that it took, because the German economy is the backbone of all of Europe. Europe has been pressuring Germany to prop it up for years now. Germany cannot keep that up forever before it will have its own long-term economic slump.

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