Will the Girl Scouts be more successful now that you can buy their cookies online?

  • Yes, people nowadays like to do almost everything online.

    Many people nowadays like to work online. Many business are having success because they are on the Internet. The Girl Scouts are just adding their cookies online, but they will still continue to sell those cookies in the old fashion way. The online option is an extra option that will allow them to add extra income on top of the old way of selling those cookies.

  • They will sell more cookies

    The Girl Scouts will sell even more cookies now that you can buy them on-line. You can now buy them any time, all year round rather than just when a girl scout comes around to ask. It is a;sp more convenient to order on line than to deal with individual scouts.

  • Oh yes they will

    I would buy the heck out of those cookies if I could eat them! They need to start making gluten free versions for people with allergies :( I love girlscout cookies, and if I could enjoy them whenever I wanted, I would totally order them online. Makes it easier to get them

  • Buying Girl Scout cookies online is no longer personal

    The Girl Scouts have decided of instead of teaching their young women a way to sell and interact in their neighborhood, they are pushing their cookies online. While the company might sell millions of boxes, this decision really doesn't help their members. No chance to have one-to-one interaction with people in their neighborhood or work together, the digitalization means the company sales is now in the realms of Avon, Amway and other online companies.The kids aren't going to learn anything from sitting at home and sending emails.

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