• Definitely! The Real Question Is: How Much?

    Like the default fiasco of 2011, this shutdown escapade has blown-up in the GOP's face. Things are not going as planned. They are taking the majority of the blame (and rightly so). Now, they are backing away from mentioning Obamacare and looking for an exit that will allow them to save face. Honestly, I don't think there is one.

    After the default attempt in 2011, the Tea Party's national approval dropped like a rock. When elections rolled around, the GOP lost seats in the House & Senate. They lost the national election. Americans are not going to forget this shutdown, anytime soon. It will influence their votes, next year. It may even influence their votes, in 2016. And neither will be a positive for the GOP!

    Republicans have GOT to get their party in order -- OUST the Tea Party or get them under control! It is killing the GOP. Then, they need to rebuild their party -- starting with a new Speaker & RNC head! Boehner is a nice guy, but he lacks the ability to get tough with members of his own party. Unfortunately, leadership sometimes requires it. As for Reince Priebus ... HUGE disappointment! The man is motivated MORE by money than patriotism, GOP values, etc. I might add that isn't just my opinion. It has been voiced by many well-known Republicans, in the last week!

  • The GOP are bitter that Obama, a black man is the President

    So for his entire presidency, they have rejected and categorically voted NO on EVERYTHING good for the country. They voted NO on things they support, it ridiculous. The Tea Party are extremest and they are bent on removing any good legacy of President Obama. They are the manifestation of the KKK/Nazi/League of the South based Dixicrats of the 60s in all their racist splendor..

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