• Green Bay will have a great season

    Green Bay will have a great season this year. This is because the team has fabulous players and is on the way to the top this year. I love Green Bay and I have full faith in their abilities and team players. Although you can't win every year, I think this year will be really good.

  • The Packers will be a good team in 2014.

    As long as the Packers have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, they will be a solid team. "Good" is subjective, but it's hard to imagine them being bad with a solid set of play makers on offense and one of the league's elite quarterbacks in control. The quality of the defense will determine whether they have a chance to compete at the highest level, but they will should be a threat in every game they play.

  • Yes, I think they will.

    They have an amazing quarterback who seems to be really healthy this year and they are working hard to get their defense where it needs to be. They had a rough first game but they redeemed themselves last night. I think in a few more games well will see a very strong team emerge.

  • It is quite possible

    The Green Pay Backers, to me, have always been a pretty decent football team. I think they have a pretty good defense, strong players, and a great couch this seasons. That to me, gives them all the much needed potential to not necessarily go all the way, but at least have a good season.

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