• They are bad

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  • It's time to go green!

    Bernie was cheated out of nomination. Jill Steins platform is very similar to his and the green party is a revolutionary party, whereas the democrats are anti-revolutionary. Her party will not fight against her, against progress, against peace and against our children's future. Her party already believes in those things. And she, like Bernie, is virtuous and scandal free.

  • Progressive movement evidence of a reality check in the making

    The fact that there is such an outspoken progressive movement in this year's election cycle provides evidence that people are starting to grasp the urgency of the circumstances which have lead to a world of economic oppression and impending environmental disaster. People en masse have simply not connected the dots as to the solution to those issues being documented in the Ten Key Values of the Green Party. That day is coming.

  • Our climate will give our national dialogue a little shove . . .

    The priorities of the American people shift drastically and thoroughly in response to big events and extreme conditions, and extreme conditions are on their way.

    A comparison of platforms shows an emphasis on power in the GOP, on warm fuzzy feelings of consensus in the democratic party, on abstract philosophical ideologies in the libertarian parties, and on physical resources in the Green party.

    When physical resources become a great priority for the American people, the Green party will become a major competing influence. Our first Green president will instill confidence that she (the GP mostly nominates women) can restructure American policies to FIRST be physically resourceful, THEN harness economic advantages from physical and biological resources, and finally use the economic resourcefulness and human rights vision to strengthen the nation's soft power throughout the globe.

  • The Americans will eventually realize that there is third party candidate.

    People are supporting bernie sanders by the thousands because they like his policies, he aligns himself with independent voters. If people realized that there are other parties that represents the better then the establishment ones in the two party systems I am certain people from democratic and republican party will switch parties. The majority of voters are independent voters around 40 percent. More than the either the democratic and republican parties. They are losing support as they screw over the people, they will fall... Eventually

  • Maybe if american people wake up

    It would be really healthy for the US. They want to do something for the people and you all should not underestimate the value of environment. Universal health care and free higher education are working well for us in Germany, they will also for you. It's about human rights and sustainability. How can you call a 2 parties system "democracy"?

  • No enough Power or movement from Americans

    The American public is not in any state of rebellion from the current system. Or at least not enough people advocate change. This would be the only way that the Green Party will succeed in the current platform. First of all the Green Party would need 5% of the popular vote to get on the ballot and therefore they would need a very strong streak of elections to consistently winning that 5% before they have any chance of winning the presidency.

  • At least not anytime soon...

    Since the last election, "Greens congratulate and thank national nominees Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala for a campaign that "pushed Green presidential campaigns up to a new level of sophistication, organization, and media attention" with highest numbers since 2000" [ http://www.Gp.Org/press/pr-national.Php?ID=569 ] It has been growing in popularity. Probably not in the next two elections, but there could be a possible turn out in the 2024 elections. Who knows there might be a Green Party president for the 2032 election! World views are certainly going to change overtime. But for the time being, most likely not.

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