• Yes, the green revolution will end world hunger.

    The green revolution might be the most important revolution mankind is going through right now. Not only will it help sustain a failing planet, but it will bring much needed food and nutrients to those who really need it. Everything from green energy and the slowing of global warming will contribute to ending world hunger.

  • Definitely will not

    The green revolution was based to help developing countries solve their famine problems and never intended to actually solve it. It could play a important roll in helping solve world hunger, but definitely can not alone solve it. If it were to attempt, every country would have to increase their cereal grain production by at least 200%-300%

  • Much more is needed to end hunger than a Green Revolution

    The Green Revolution will not help end world hunger because that is not the purpose of its aim, and people are not working for a green revolution to produce this specific result. This revolution will help decrease the use to chemicals and help promote natural farming and gardening, among other things, but poor people already lack materials and resources to take part in the Green Revolution.

  • The Green Revolution does not propose any solution to world hunger.

    While the Green Revolution has many beneficial effects in terms of environmental concerns, I do not believe that it addresses world hunger. For example, many people consider the rejection of genetically modified foods to be part of the green movement, but GMO crops can grow in drought-ravaged areas where other crops can't. They are key to eliminating world hunger. The Green Revolution is not concerned with human hunger: it's concerned with human insolence.

  • No it won't.

    The Green Revolution will not end world hunger. I do not think it will ever be possible to completely end world hunger. I think that no matter what there will be parts of the world we can not reach and will not be able to help out no matter how hard we try.

  • Only science will

    Only science will end hunger, and, surprisingly considering that most people think the opposite, science and the green agenda are actually often at odds. GMOs and other such technologies that are hated by many of the very active members of the green community are actually the source of the decreased hunger.

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