Will the growing progressive coalition be able to save America?

  • Yes, They Should

    America will probably get more and more progressive as the younger generation gets older and finds its voice in the political process. The baby boomer generation has been one of the most selfish and destructive generations we have ever had in this country. We need the more progressive movements to help bring us about to greatness again.

  • Yes, if America really needs saving

    I'm not certain America actually needs saving. We are a flexible and ever changing society that address issues as they arise. The world is changing and we change with it. I do think that the progressive coalition will be able to better handle the changing times. In a few generations, someone else will need to step up and take on things.

  • I am hopeful.

    As the older, more conservative generation dies off, the progressive movements in this country will begin to take power. More and more people will see how corporations and military-fear-mongering has kept them down and will start to look for real change. It is all about demographics. Soon there will be more minority and more progressive voters, and then we will begin to see real change for the better in America.

  • NO

    America has been bankrupt by years of fighting, and we will never reach a point where there is enough to save our country. A lot of the things that progressive want to do will only wind up screwing over the poor and middle class the most because we live in a different cultural climate than Europeans.

    Our businesses will simply move more jobs overseas, eroding the tax base even more. And progressives will believe that this global free trade garbage is actually beneficial for our country. They'll play by the rules while other countries around the world will continue to screw us over by manipulating their currencies even more than our Federal Reserve does and leveling tariffs against our goods.

    If you can't figure out what I mean, Progressives will reach out to China with a hand of friendship and China will rip it off, completely decimating our country.

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