• Let it Work

    There are a lot of citizens who have tried to sabotage or flat ruin the health care law for strictly political and racial reasons. What it does is make the playing field much more level for the average worker, but people are so focused on being selfish idiots, and refuse to see why the greater good is more important than a few of their dollars.

  • Yes, of course it will

    Economists have been over this so many times. We will save over a trillion dollars over the course of a decade, and people will have access to higher-quality healthcare. Also, people who have no income and can't afford healthcare will now get it for free. This is a fantastic law.

  • Eventually It Will

    I think in the long run the health care law will do well. I think people will look back at the time prior to the health care law and really question why we thought it was okay to deny people the services they need. I think we will also look back at the insurance companies and wonder how they got away with cutting people off when something actually did come up.

  • Yes, I think the health care law will do well.

    While no law is ever perfect or please everybody I think the Affordable Care Act will improve the quality of health care in the Untied States over the next decade, I think the law will never to be modified and tweak to make sure it provides the best health care for citizens are possible but overall I think the law will do well.

  • No, it will not

    Its going to face objection and appeal for as long as it sits in office. You can't do that kind of thing, its unconstitutional. Obama and his social programs are the downfall of the US. We need less spending and more cutting, mainly on military actions. I think he has no clue how to run the US.

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