• As sad as it is, Yes.

    Most of human history has been lost. We've been able to piece together parts of history on the fragments we have. History if finicky on what it remembers too, Most have forgotten numerous other slaughters. That and the remembrance hinges on if "modern day western empire" an still alive. When empires die, A lot of their history and knowledge dies with it.

    History will look back like in 2200 (if humans are around), Heck even 2150 and probably find the USA as the bad guy as they got in endless wars since WW2. Just saying the impact will just be a side note in history.

    Just look at other smaller incidents. The Titanic and the Hindenburg have sort of moved to background memories in our mind. You could even say Pearl Harbor is reaching that point.

    Like today's youth generation are starting to be born in a world without any survivors of the Holocaust. Once they have grand-kids, Who knows if they will have an event to match it. It's sadly why history repeats itself as impact and importance is forgotten as it gets moved to sidenote

  • Yes, But not by all

    Even now, Most of the human race has either never even heard of the Holocaust, Or, Ithey have, Most believe it either never happened at all or it is greatly exaggerated. The lessons of the Holocaust appear to have fallen on deaf ears. More people have died in the 73 years since the Holocaust ended than in the the 73 years that included the Holocaust. This, Despite the immense scholarly work done to find the causes of genocides. Dr. Gregory Stanton, Founder of Genocide Watch, Identified ten stages of genocides and the various practical steps that can be take to prevent them, But our national and international leaders, Time and time again, Have not mustered the political will to implement them - possibly because they all sense that their domestic populations are more concdrned with paying off their mortgages, Educating their own children, Dealing with their own health issues, Etc. , Than with people with whom they have little in common other than their common humanity - slaughtering other people thousands of miles away and out of sight. The Holocaust will be remembered only by a small number of academics and by the descendants of Holocaust victims and survivors - and many of them are not particularly interested in that history, Either.

  • Slavery wasn't forgotten.

    Some of the worlds worst times are not forgotten. We are still debating over how the Civil War was started. Also the Holocaust wasn't that long ago. And if it was ever forgotten talk about a couple thousand years when we all forget about the pain the world went through

  • No, the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

    I do not think an event as significant and horrific as the Holocaust will ever be forgotten in the history of the world. It is an even that is really still pretty recent when you think about it. When all the people who experienced it aren't even dead yet, it can be considered to be quite an infant event.

  • It lives in our hearts.

    No, the Holocaust will not ever be forgotten, because each generation will tell the next of the atrocities. Even so, there is a great deal of documentation associated with the Holocaust. People have taken photos, there are videos, and there are interviews. There is enough memory to pass on to future generations.

  • If we forget history we will be doomed to repeat it.

    The Holocaust was tragic and almost unbelievable that it happened in the first place, but it did happen. So many people were brainwashed into hate and we cannot forget that it happened. Many of the survivors are not passing away and we can never forget what so many chose to ignore at the time.

  • No, I do not believe it will.

    I do not believe the Holocaust will ever be completely forgotten, nor do I think it should be. I think that we should never allow the horrendous criminal loss of life of the Holocaust to fall away into oblivion. Society needs to be aware of how easily a dictator can seize power and warp peoples minds.

  • No, the Holocaust will not be forgotten.

    The Holocaust will not be forgotten because it was one of the most disastrous and tragic events that has happened in the history of humankind. Most of the world agreed that the actions taken by Hitler were bad and millions of people died in those years. That alone is why it will never be forgotten, along with a multitude of memorials and designations that make it very hard to forget.

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