• Yes they could

    I think that the homeless of the world could keep covid 19 alive and well because whenever your in shelter you are fine and healthy from the covid 19 ok but when your homeless or outside you can even get the coronavirus and of course it could keep it alive ok ok bye bye

  • They are the perfect carriers.

    They do not frequently wash themselves. They come into close contact with each other and sleep in groups. They interact with general population and they touch public door handles and touch everything.

    If we do not solve this then when the quarantine is ended we will have the second wave of corona.

  • People will wish they had supported housing bills.

    Rich entitled actors, Capitalists, And morons who get daddy's money will regret not taking care of the homeless when they had the chance.

    Telling homeless people to stay home is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. We need a better plan because the places most effected by COVID-19 in the US are the places with the highest homeless populations.

    Https://www. Khou. Com/article/news/health/coronavirus/homeless-man-who-tested-positive-for-covid-19-at-houston-hospital-released-back-onto-streets/285-394a71c2-7791-40e1-8ce7-80775db55fb5

  • Viruses like this have a lifespan.

    Homeless people have kept Typhus and the Black Plague alive, But they won't keep COVID-19 for the same reason they don't keep the flu going, It isn't a chronic illness it has a lifespan. I would say they are more likely to get it, Probably more likely to die from it, But they aren't going to prolong its existence in any significant way.

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