• If we now how to do it

    If we get hit in the ocean they will be massive tsunamis, earthquakes but if we have under ground shelter years worth of food and water books we can survive it won`t get better for about 2 years so we won`t be able to go out side for a long time.

  • Won't Be Pretty

    The human race will survive if a large asteroid hits the Earth, but it won't be pretty. If it lands in the water, massive tsunamis will flood coastal areas and our atmosphere will be ionized with megatons of extra water. If the asteroid hits land, a nuclear winter will happen and dark clouds of ash will obscure the surface of the Earth for decades while much of the vegetation dies from lack of sunlight. Humans will survive but they will have to live differently from how they do now.

  • Yes we will

    yes, billions of people will still be killed, but there will be some that do survive the impact. I think that when this does hit that the planet will be changed a whole lot, but that the people that are left can come back and make it back the way it is.

  • It Very Much Depends

    I think the human races survival if a large asteroid hits Earth really matters on the circumstances. I believe if an asteroid can take out the dinosaurs then it wouldn't be impossible for one to take out our race. In this type of catastrophic even the human civilization would be thrown into disarray. It's really difficult to guess exactly what would happen.

  • no, we will not.

    Of course it depends on how large the asteroid is. But if one large enough hits the planet we will be wiped out thoroughly. Even those of us in shelters would have to deal with the after-effects and would likely die shortly after. So no, we would not survive the impace.

  • We'll be thrown off balance.

    No, the human race will not survive if a large asteroid hits the Earth, because it will knock us off our orbit. When the Earth is knocked off its orbit, it would move further from the sun, and that would effect the human race's ability to farm, and the cycle of photogenesis and respiration. Too much would be thrown off balance to survive.

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