Will the Hunger Games actually happen one day?

Asked by: Jenae.ross
  • It will happen.

    America is definitely becoming something our founding fathers did not intend it to be. Now, I don't necessarily think Trump will start the games, but I do think that war and death fights in an arena will happen one day for food. Certainly not anytime soon, but the idea of fighting for food is realistic. We did it before with the Roman Colosseum, what's to say it won't happen again? Rich people watched the poor people die in ancient Rome. We humans are forgetful potatoes causing us to forget not to repeat our history; meaning: we will most likely repeat the past and fight for entertainment. I believe the Hunger Games will exist one day.

  • Sorry for the rude tone but...

    Seriously? Things like this shouldn't be wasting bandwidth on the internet. The Hunger Games is a stupid story for Middle School girls, or High School ones who haven't started dating.

    Nothing remotely close to "the hunger games" will ever happen in our society. One of the dumbest things i've ever seen on here, sorry but seriously.

  • No, the hunger games will never happen.

    The question asks if the hunger games will ever happen, and no it won't. I agree maybe there will be fighting to the death for entertainment, but the story of the hunger games is completely irrational. The visual shows Donald Trump being the perpetrator (the person that made it happen) and our government is not a dictatorship; Donald Trump can't make all the decisions. There are many checks and balances. Anyone with a completely rational mind set would never let anything like that happen. So, the question is an excellent talking point, but it is just a science fiction book.

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