Will the interest rate on homes rise before 2014 ends?

  • It needs to go up for the economy

    It has been low enough, for long enough. We need to raise it to help the economy out. I don't think it should be a big jump. Maybe 1.5% over a year, but it really needs to go up in order to help out the market. Enough said. Raise the rate before it is too late!

  • They are good at making things more expensive

    They say it is good when more people buy houses. It brings up the value of everyone who does own a home. It is said that it also creates more jobs. It also does make interest rates go higher because banks figure people have more money. So, it gives banks an excuse to over charge their customers. That being said, I do think that interests rates will raise, as the economy is slowly getting better.

  • Yes it probably will

    It is indeed likely that the interest rates for homes across the United States of America will indeed rise before the end of the year 2014. This is very possible because the improvements that we have seen across the economy in various different sectors. Due to this we will probably see an increase.

  • Yes, I believe it will definitely go up.

    I believe the interest rate on homes will definitely go up before 2014 ends. The unemployment rate has been dropping steadily, the stock market has been climbing, and foreclosures are way down. As long as these things continue to show the economy is improving, we will see interest rates start to rise before the end of this year.

  • It Is Unlikely

    I believe the those in charge of the Federal Reserve have been quite open about the interest rate and the fact that it will more than likely remain the same for the year. The Federal Reserve is holding the interest rates down to encourage people to go into debt. They want the housing market to have the support it needs.

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