• Yes it is

    Yes,of course internet will replace books. It is more organized and contains much more information that is easyer to find.It is less expensive and easy to be accessed. Intaernet has many functions. Throug interned we can speak with other people, descover news from other countries and we can post on it everything we want and others can read it.

  • Paperless Society In Future

    I think as we progress in the future you will see the Internet replace books. I do not think books will disappear all together, however, I believe they will become far less common. I think it is a good move as we can stop cutting down trees for paper, which we do a lot of.

  • Online Media Taking Off

    As tech devices get more portable and faster, older forms of entertainment will be replaced. Books will go away in their paper forms only to be replaced by ebooks. As millennials grow up and have children, their attention spans will become shorter and their entertainment will be more technologically diverse. Books will eventually be replaced by immersive media similar to that of a holodeck on "Star Trek."

  • Yes, With Kindle Technology and Ebooks the Internet is Already Replacing Books

    The internet has been replacing books for over a decade with the increased prevalence of ebooks and Kindle editions. It makes sense to read electronic media as it is better for the environment, takes up less space and allows for instant transfer of information. While there are people that choose to and enjoy collecting paper books, there are not enough of them to support continued production from a capitalist perspective and it is not an important enough reason to continue deforestation from an environmental perspective. Ultimately most people will choose the ease and cleanliness of electronic media.

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