Will "The Interview," a comedy about an attempted assassination of Kim Jong-Un, strain relations between the U.S. and North Korea?

  • Yes, "The Interview" will strain relations between the US and North Korea.

    "The Interview" will strain relations between the United States and North Korea. Public Image is very important to Kim Jong-Un and he does not take negative publicity lightly. There has already been a security breech at Sony Entertainment that led the leaking of this years' biggest hits. I hope that this does not cause political relations weaken. Although, I am positive that it will.

  • Yes, i think it will.

    Yes I think "The Interview" will strain relations between the U.S and North Korea because this is a huge huge issue going on over in North Korea and I don't really think they are making much of a joke of it so by America making this movie it is a huge insult to them.

  • It's Tuesday, So North Korea is Mad at Us

    The movie "The Interview," the comedy about the US sending in journalists to assassinate Kim Jong-Un will most likely strain relations between North Korea and the US. But to be fair, any move the US makes is an opportunity for North Korea to take shots at the US. Even in the shooting of Michael Brown, Korea came out against the US for their rough police practices, despite being a country that utilizes slave labor.

  • This would imply there are relations to strain

    North Korea makes no mistake in snobbish and downright toddler like actions towards the U.S. They can make a movie about an assassination on President Obama if they want. I don't mind, and it certainly wouldn't strain my relations with them. North Korea already hates us. Making a movie about their "gworious weader" will do nothing to change that. Making a movie that praises Kim Jong-Un would be appeasing a tyrant who terrorizes his own people.

  • "The Interview" will not strain US-North Korean relations

    Just to clarify, this movie will not strain them more than they are already strained. This country's rhetoric against communist dictatorships stretches back a century. If a comedy has the ability to make that relationship even more strained, then it must be a bombshell. Additionally, a movie is not a diplomatic concern; if Kim Jong-Un does not want it shown in his country, he can choose to not show it. However, in this country, it should not concern him.

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