• Yes, the iPhone 5 will have an impact on CIOs.

    The iPhone 5 will have an impact on CIOs if their companies issue smartphones to their employees. Even if they issue Android or Windows phones, the developments at Apple have a ripple effect on the rest of the market. CIOs at companies that do not issue smartphones to employees will be less effected, but may need to assist employees with security issues related to work on personal phones.

  • Yes, new technology affects CIOs.

    Yes, the iPhone 5 will change the way that CIOs think about technology. That's what Apple does. They create new gadgets that change the game and change the course of another company's technology strategy. The iPhone 5 is no different in that regard, and the iPhone 6 will take it even further.

  • It is for the masses.

    No, the iPhone 5 will not have an impact on CIOs, because the iPhone 5 is not meant to be a high-end phone. The iPhone 5 is more meant to be a common phone. It is meant to have a low price point so that a lot of people will want to buy it. It is not meant to be something that CIOs will take an interest in.

  • No More Than It Has

    CIO are chief information officers, a job position within the IT field. The iPhone 5 was released last year and I'm sure it, like all new phones, impacted those in this position. I have my doubts it will make any more of an impact than it already has. CIOs have to remain informed, so all new systems make an impact.

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