• Yes they will

    Everyone absolutely adores Apple products right now, and they are always waiting for the next hot new item to come out. Until a company comes up with a line of products that catches a buyers attention more than apple does, I have a feeling they will be top-dog for quiet some time.

  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

    Yes I do think that the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will dominate the technology and phone market. People always seem to want the latest and greatest. It will have new features and be very appealing to the younger generation as well as some of the older. It will be popular.

  • Yes, the new iPhones will dominate the market.

    As history has shown us, every time Apple has launched a new product, it has become the new hot commodity, and it has been for Apple's competitors to launch something better and knock Apple down a peg. Up until this most recent release, it had been a while since Apple had released anything new and substantial, and it probably would have been fair to say that Apple had fallen behind its main competitor, Samsung. But now with the release of this new phone, and especially with the larger screen sizes available, Apple has returned to its rightful place as leader of the smartphone market.

  • No, competition would not allow domination.

    Other brands are competing with iPhone models. When iPhone releases a new phone, so to, does a competitor with similar features, capabilities and price (not that Apple is always the first to release its new phone, but when it does, you can be sure another brand will too). With comparable features and price -- or even a competitors lesser price for similar features, offer consumers choices that product domination would not offer i.e. no other choice but to buy the dominant brand. Therefore, the iPhone 6's and iPhone 6 Plus' domination of the market is not likely due to competition.

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