• iPhone 6 WiIl Be A Huge Success in China

    iPhone 6 will definitely be a huge success in China. The Chinese partner of Apple has already proven its ability to market profitably and successfully Apple products in previous years. This time won`t be different. Pre-ordering numbers are showing impressive results, the add campaign is in full powers. As always the Chinese market with its huge mobile services subscribers number and above the average purchasing power is a perfect market place for Apple devices and products.

  • I Believe It Will Be

    The iPhone 6 has been wildly successful despite the reported problems within the United States so there is no reason to believe it would be any different China. I think Apple has a somewhat sound product but it's their track record that is selling the new phone. The added features, made it bigger and it will certainly do well in the China market as well.

  • Yes, the iPhone 6 will do well in China.

    Recently it was reported that the iPhone 6, though not yet officially for sale, was fetching a handsome sum on the black market in China. People were willing to pay hundreds of dollars beyond the retail value to get them. As China's upper class increases, there are more people willing to pay for unessential, vanity items.

  • No, it wont

    It's not successful here. Why would it be successful in China? They probably heard about how aweful it was and won't be buying it because people are getting bent phones and crappy updates with the new iPhone. I really think this new phone will hurt Apple quiet a bit in the business world.

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