• It is the same every year, and it is always forgotten within weeks.

    I think the whole iPhone Bendgate thing will blow over quite quickly. Every year for the past 3 years there has been a fuss over phones bending soon after the release of a new model. I think most people accept that phones will bend if you misuse them, and the complaints will be quickly forgotten, as per previous years.

  • The Iphone bendage will blow over.

    The iPhone sells have not been hurt by bend gate thus far. Most users will find a way around bend gate by taking good care of their phone and/or buying a case for their phone. There are always some glitches with the new apple products but sales continue to be strong.

  • Yes, the iPhone 'Bendgate' will blow over.

    It's common that new phones can be wrought with issues. Whether it's a design issue or programming issue, Apple has dealt with a lot of problems over the years. Yet, year after year we hear stories about people lining up for hours to get the latest Apple phones. It's just another minor issue that Apple will have to tackle and overcome. This one issue will not cause the demise of Apple and the iPhone.

  • Blow over? I don't think so.

    The latest iPhone invention has bended some peoples opinions, however, I think if we give it time, it will bend towards the future. It is not a favorite at the moment, however as always with Apple products, it will be the standard for all other smart phone technologies for futures to come.

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