Will the IPO of cloud storage company Dropbox prove there is a new technology bubble?

  • IPO of cloud storage company Dropbox

    The IPO of cloud storage company Dropbox could prove there is a new technology bubble. When this happens more people will start to look at the stock market differently and start to invest their money more in these stocks again. Cloud storage has become popular over this time period and probably will continue to do so.

  • Should Already Be Obvious

    I do not believe the initial public offering of Dropbox will prove there is a technology bubble. I think the actions of Google and Facebook should already prove that fact. With the NSA so intent on collecting all information, it's no wonder that technology has boomed over the last ten years. Yes, we have another bubble and there's already some overvalued stock out in the market.

  • It is developing slowly.

    No, the IPO of cloud storage company Dropbox will not prove that there is a new technology bubble, because people saw how Facebook performed with their own IPO. The Facebook episode has made a lot of people more cautious about choosing their online investments, and Dropbox will be offered at closer to actual market value.

  • Tech Finally Caught Up to Innovation

    The first technology bubble burst in 2000 because there were tons of advancements in technology, but the hardware wasn't there to catch up. There was a lot of innovation, but investors weren't ready to spend money on tech that had no hardware to back it up. Now, we have the hardware to go along with the software. There is no new technology bubble that is about to burst--mainstream consumers are ready for more tech as devices are ready to handle more and more information and programs.

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