Will the IRS, AP and Benghazi scandals hurt Obama politically?

  • Weak! Weak! Weak!

    This is by far the most out of touch President this county has experienced in recent history. He remains out of touch with very important national and international issues that are pressing. He takes a bully position to force his agenda using the Presidential Executive Orders. This man is certainly not Presidential and the constitutionality of his actions should be investigated and stopped.

  • Yes, they will.

    Obama is not strong to begin with. His term in office has produced the smallest amount of return for the largest amount of scandal and turn over in quite some time. For all of his flaws, at least Clinton was pulling the country out of recession. Obama has mishandled and fallen for too many media pitfalls to be looked back upon as anything more than the being the first black man in office.

  • No, the IRS, AP, and Benghazi scandals will not hurt Obama politcally.

    While these three scandals have occurred on Obama's watch, what is more likely to hurt him politically is the fact that little of his agenda will actually have been realized by the end of his term. The things that went through by executive order will not be implemented (such as Guantanamo) and those things that passed through congress (like health care reform) will be resented in generations to come and ultimately repealed. Those are much more likely to hurt his legacy.

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