• Freakin yes man!

    This is going to be an amazing movie, it will be far superior to the older movies simply because we it will have far better graphics, most likely newer more scientifically accurate application of how an animal really acts not just some super smart killing machine, I'm looking at you old time raptors. And if I can remeber, Christopher Nolan is going to be the best director for this new movie.

    I am adding words

  • This Jurassic film will be just as good.

    This Jurassic film will be just as good. This is because we have even more special effects than we did when the first film came out in the 90s. It is easy to surpass that movie so many years on. There is more to a movie than special effects, however, but with so much money on the line, there is reason to believe the script will have been worked on endlessly.

  • It's a Classic!

    I have no doubt that Jurassic World is going to be a good movie. Judging from the trailers, the actors, and the people behind the production, it's going to be at least a GOOD movie. But... Jurassic World wont be able to stand up to Jurassic Park on the basis of the WEIGHT it has. Jurassic Park wasn't just a good movie, it was a BREAKTHROUGH. With the developments in CGI, the dinosaur-craze-culture it spawned, and the re-introduction of dinosaur-to-bird evolution into the scientific community (Yeah, I bet you didn't know THAT one), Jurassic Park stands tall and proud as not just a good movie, but an ICON. No matter how good Jurassic World is, it wont be AS good, since it's not going to take any gigantic leaps or bounds in film development and cultural impact that Jurassic Park did. Sure, it's going to be a good movie, but not groundbreaking.

  • Why would it? I would like the original, 1993 plot.

    Nothing can replace the 1993 Jurassic Park. It's not going to change the fantastic plot of taking dinosaur DNA out of mosquitoes, which have been preserved, and cloning it.

    It's not going to change the different deaths including people who become lost in the wilderness and were killed by a Dilophosaurus or some sort of dinosaur.

    If it's better, I may like it, still, I highly doubt anything will be better.

  • Nothing will top original

    Sequels never seem to live up to the original, especially with a movie like Jurassic Park, which was such an epic movie and thought for the time. I personally never got into the previous sequels so I am skeptical how good the new one some 20 years later is going to be.

  • Jurrasic World will not be as good as Jurassic Park

    Jurrassic Park is lauded as such a great movie mostly due to the time it came out. It was a movie that was forward thinking in both the story and plot, and also in the production. No film had displayed dinosaurs in such an effective way before Jurassic Park came out. I think that Jurassic World will fail to visually impress and capture attention with its story.

  • No, Jurassic World will not be as good a movie as the original.

    A rash of remakes, sequels, reboots and reimaginings are plaguing the current creative engine of Hollywood. Laziness and a lack of originality are meeting with the desire for an easy cash-cow and producing these derivative films. They are rarely a patch on the originals, usually lacking in soul and just as often lacking in decent writing. This film will not be as good as the source material.

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