• Of Course They Will!!

    The 2 "No" responses come from fans of teams that have absolutely no chance of winning the Cup, now or in the near future. The Red Wings days of glory are long gone and their team cannot play with the rugged teams in the Western Conference.......That's why they bolted for the Eastern Conference, Junior Hockey as we like to refer to it out here. As far as the Sharks are concerned, their history of choking in the playoffs was cemented more firmly than ever in last year's opening round 7 game loss to the Kings.........After they had build a 3-0 advantage. Their legacy and identity is wrapped around and in choking. They just wouldn't be the Sharks if they could ever win a big game or series

  • No, the Red Wings will win.

    No, the Kings will not win the Stanley Cup again, because it is time for the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup. The Red Wings have too long of a tradition in hockey to allow the Stanley Cup to get away again this year. The Wings have a better offense this year with enough strong players to overtake the Kings.

  • It's the Sharks Year

    The Kings absolutely will not win the Stanley Cup again. Why not? Because they are not the San Jose Sharks. The boys in teal, led by captain "Jumbo" Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau know that their championship window is closing, so they will play with passion and desire heretofore unseen and emerge victorious.

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