Will the Libertarian Party become a third party on the ballot?

Asked by: Sckooma
  • Yes, it will be a party

    Both parties have fail and are corrupt
    The good and uncorrupt democrats and republicans will move to this party so they can final have a word
    Plus libertarianism is becoming popular
    The ideology is growing in the GOP now, but everyone kept seeing them as conservatives not libertarians
    So they will split

  • Where have you been?

    The Libertarians already appear on ballots throughout the country. I most often run into them in Illinois state elections as they usually offer up a slate to oversee the University of Illinois. These days, I vote for them.

    They are all over, but the media collaborates with the two major parties to ridicule and minimize them.

  • I think with the next decade, the libertarians will become a 3rd party on the ballot

    The Libertarian party has attracted disenfranchised both Republicans and Democrats, who are fed up with the abysmal ineptitude. From everything from the war, to the BP oil spill, Obamacare website not working, Democrats refusing to negotiate causing a government shut down. Among all of these failures (and this isn't even an exhaustive list), the approval rate the polls are showing have shown record lows, for both sides of the aisle. I think people will have no choice but to explore their 3rd party option. Once they realize what the Libertarians represent: free markets, small government, liberty, personal responsibility, this will be a refreshing alternative to the two sides of the same blue red coin.

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