Will the Libertarian Party ever legitimately win a Senate seat in the U.S. Congress?

  • It gonna happen

    The party is gonna become the real third party in United States politics. There already are some libertarian leaning republicans such as randall howard paul in the senate and i believe that within the next few senate and house elections, we will have a libertarian servinh in the american congress

  • Once they start a "start at the bottom strategy"

    Third parties focus all their attention on the presidency election cycle after election cycle when really they should focus their strategy on the bottom.

    People feel that for the presidency too much is at stake so they have to vote Democrat or Republican.

    But it would be easier to justify saying that other seats like the House or Senate or even state and local offices are different. That at that level it's an acceptable risk to take. That plus a district where people are more open to the ideas of the party and you could have someone elected there.

  • Eventually Conservatives Will Abandon Republicans

    A Libertarian will win a Senate seat whenever conservatives finally get fed up with the GOP and abandon candidates that are too mainstream. The more likely scenario will be a Libertarian candidate who wins a seat in the House of Representatives first and then that person runs for Senate. A statewide seat is harder to win than one in just a single congressional district.

  • Yes, they are there already.

    Yes, the Libertarian Party will legitimately win a Senate seat in the U.S. Congress, because there are libertarians that are already present there. Rand Paul is a great example. Although he doesn't call himself a libertarian, he behaves in a way that is libertarian. Ted Cruz is another example of a true libertarian in the Senate. They are represented.

  • Only When Voters Have Had Enough

    The Libertarian Party will win a seat in the Senate eventually, but only after a state full of voters has had enough of the Republicans and Democrats. The closest thing America had to a Libertarian candidate was former Rep. Ron Paul who ran as a Republican. If he ran for a Senate seat, he might have gotten it. The trick to winning a Senate position is you have to win the entire state in which you live, so it's hard for a third party candidate to make waves with an entire state. But it will happen eventually.

  • The Libertarian Party will never legitimately win a Senate seat in the U.S. Congress.

    Although libertarian ideas are very popular on the Internet and in the media, we have a two party system and the actual Libertarian party is not going to have an influence on the government. Politicians who want to get elected on libertarian ideals have always ended up running for one of the two major parties.

  • Not Consistent Enough

    I believe the Libertarian Party holds promise and I do believe they will one day hold a position in the Senate. I believe the Republican party is falling out of favor and I think people are realizing we need more options when it comes time to vote. Up until now the libertarian party hasn't been consistent, but hopefully they will be in the future.

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