• Internet causes changes

    The biggest change to spur on the transition from the GOP to the LP is the Internet. All voters want a socially and economically libertarian alternative to a pro-democracy party. Austrian economics, broad tax reform, laissez faire, free market deregulation, global free trade, market-based solutions, privatization of services, is the Libertarian Party of the future.

  • The GOP are no longer real conservatives, the party is dying.

    The religious social policy of the GOP is turning away many young voters who don't agree with many of the paternalistic social policy pushed by the party.
    The GOP hasn't been really been fiscally conservative since Nixon destroyed the gold standard. This once great divide between the Democrats and the GOP has been steadily eroding since.
    There is a growing number of youths that believe in fiscal conservatism but don't see America as the world police as the major parties do.
    There is a great potential to draw voters from both parties.

  • The parties are dead.

    People are getting frustrated with both parties now; the leadership is terrible. The Republican party especially seems dead, considering that hardcore Conservatives and Libertarians are fed up with Republican leadership. The Democratic party I think could still survive on account of the Liberals cozying up with each other, but that party is becoming more left-wing than ever before. The parties aren't satisfying either side, and the Libertarians are doing what is necessary. Just look at Rand Paul.

  • Libertarians have all of the good ideas, and reject the bad ones.

    Much of what attracts people to the Republican party are libertarian principles. However, when people become involved in the Republican party, they are slowly indoctrinated to swallow an agenda that includes a whole host of unpopular and bad ideas. They are led to believe that the only way they can get what they want (smaller government, liberty, freedom, and respect or individual rights and property) is to also become cheerleaders for corporately controlled government, fraud and wasteful military adventures. They must align themselves with Bible thumping crazy people and evil corporate fraudsters.

    The Libertarians don't make people swallow bad ideas to support good ones. They are more viable and in line with the will of today's people.

  • Yes, and here is why.

    I predict within ten years big money, to be blunt, will build the libertarian party up to something comparable to the other two parties. In terms of cost effectiveness, if the libertarians had a tenth of the funding of republicans and democrats, the congress, senate and president would all be libertarian run. This is not an exaggeration. Seven lib candidates achieved over a million votes in the 2012 election. I suggest your readers find out how little money each candidate raised against the other two main party ones. Believe me, it makes a difference sadly enough.

  • It'd better.

    I'm a libertarian. Not a Libertarian (capitalization implies the Party). I despise the Grand Old Party and much of what it stands for. The GOP stands for military interventionism, Keynesianism, and stands against liberty as we know and love in America (see the PATRIOT Act). The Libertarian Party is already the largest third party in the United States, and got nearly 2 million votes in the General Election, so I see it as a possibility that it will rise to be a major party, perhaps even knocking the outdated GOP out of the game.

  • The next chapter

    America's divide is occurring between themes rather than policies. The racial policies of the Democratic Party are very frightening to so many people in the 21st century -- affirmative action is not a good policy and alienates many voters. Libertarianism is turning the page and forcing a new Democratic Party.

  • A tainted view

    The Republican Party is no longer true to its small government philosophy, it has also been tainted by corrupt and power hungry leaders. It has come to be viewed as the party of rich old white men. Now even though being ruled by rich old white men may be a western tradition it is not true to the rebellious nature our nation was founded upon. Therefore the party has drifted too far from the nations true ideology and needs to be replaced by a more youthful "classically liberal" party.

  • Perhaps, but same name

    I think it will still be called the Republican Party, but the platform will be very similar to the Libertarian Party platform. The Libertarian Party is a little extreme when it comes to cutting government spending. Republicans could adopt some of their policies to make more palatable for Americans, Two states have already legalized marijuana (states' rights). Same sex marriage is becoming more accepted (again states' rights). In addition many people are fed up with government abuse like the IRS scandal as well as our national debt going through the roof.

  • Republicans = Dinosaurs

    Source: Last 14 years...Republicans are lost, unable to find their way and refuse to stop and ask for directions. They are the quintessential male driver; who, instead of admitting they are wrong and correcting their mistakes; they find comfort with the voices in their head that convince them they will be right and just enough time needs to pass by.

  • No, the older members of the GOP won't get on board

    The older members of the GOP, (Ex. John McCain and Lindsey Graham) and countless older conservatives across the country won't be on board. There will likely be a party split, allowing the Democrat party to win elections, unless the Libertarians can appeal to older voters or the GOP can appeal to younger voters. I would call myself libertarian, but many older conservatives don't have the same views on things like abortion.

  • Not with the current flock of sheep in America

    The libertarian philosophy will not work with the majority of the voting American sheeple. Stop fooling yourselves people, we blew past the point of no return a long time ago. Just go outside and talk to people, ask them a few basic facts about our government, then ask them if they vote, the final step is to hit the bar and don't stop drinking until you have lowered your IQ enough.

  • We the sheeple won't allow it.

    It's not easy to make headway with non-mainstream ideals. The PR firms known as MSNBC, Fox, etc. will never give the Libertarians any real time in the spotlight. As much as I would like to see the Libertarians in the fold, the corporations don't really want that type of competition.

  • There is no neutral ground.

    As people we've categorized parties, in terms of politics, into two forerunners, Republicans and Democrats, thus I don't see many people switching to what by definition is a neutral perspective. Though it is often nice to have a subjective stance on some issues, many beg to differ. In essence, there are shackles that have been placed on the American society. As a result many citizens don't find themselves hoping change will come. It's easier to live in ignorance then to combat it.

  • Soon? I don't think so.

    There are too many "conservatives" in the Republican Party who like freedom for themselves, but want to control others. Fortunately, a lot of them won't be around in 20 years, so as long as the liberty-message continues to spread, a liberty party should take power in a decade or two. I don't know whether it will be the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, a properly-reformed Republican Party, or a not-yet-named future party.

  • NO

    The Libertarian Party and Libertarian ideals in general are a bit to out in left field for even most Republicans. A lot of the Libertarian platform seems to involve destroying social programs and certain federal regulations that help protect the common man quite a bit, many of which Republicans believe in every bit as much as Democrats. Social Security is a great example of this.

    Another aspect of the Libertarian party that will never be okay with most Republicans is that there seems to be this idea about drastically reducing military spending. That is one idea that will never, ever sit well with the vast majority of modern Republicans.

  • No They Will Not

    The Libertarian Party will not replace the Republican Party, because so many Republicans do not espouse libertarian ideas. Many people on the right are there, not because they want limited government, but because they want a Christian-based society and government. This often is in direct conflict with Libertarians. The Libertarians may split from the Republican Party, but they will not replace it completely.

  • No

    No I do not think the Libertarian party will replace the Republican party. While they do share some similar beliefs, the Libertarians are still different than the Republicans so they really cannot completely replace the Republicans. There are many people that are switching over to this party since the Republicans have lost a lot of their way after this recent election though.

  • No, the Libertarian is still too small to replace the Republican Party.

    The numbers in the Libertarian Party may be increasing, but it will take some time for it to build enough momentum to possibly replace the Republican Party. It takes time for new parties to expand and flourish. Some folks like the ideas of the Libertarians. They may continue to grow and may someday be a strong party.

  • Patriotic democrats need to make the move.

    The country needs two strong patriotic parties in order to survive. Right now the democrat party is simply the useful idiot of violent foreign gangs and islamist terrorists. The party is lost to patriotic democrats. The more traditional liberal JFK democrats need to move to the Libertarian party. There are are fewer black masks, racists of color and people like Elizabeth Warren who hate their whiteness so much that they're driven to pretend they're native Americans.

    Universities and the left have proven that the democrat party is no longer the party of civil liberties and freedom of speech. You're not going to change the democrat party's radical, oppressive leftward trend. Patriots of all stripes need to wake up! Republicans are not promoting the "deep state" in our intelligence agencies and oppressing freedom of speech or other civil liberties on campuses. The democrat party's moral and constitutional fatal illness is the left. Disloyal, left-wing democrat immigration policies have and will give our grand children apocalyptic terrorism, gang driven carnage and eventually a European civil war. This will offer our granddaughters the "choice" between a bullet, bomb, beheading or burka. Democrats need to stop throwing tantrums, grow-up and start considering their country over their political party and free benefits out of another person's paycheck.

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