• Yes it probably will be

    The Libyan revolution will probably indeed overall make the country a safer place then what it was before. Now however when we look at the country as a whole dealing with the revolution that took place in the country not everything will be perfect. It is wrong to assume that everything will be better fast.

  • The Libyan Revolution is making the country dangerous

    The Libyan Revolution is not making the country safer. Rather it has become a haven for terrorists and is rife with clan violence. Murders and explosions occur on a nearly daily basis now. The central government is struggling to gain more power than the terrorists and regional militias. Hopefully this will change in time.

  • May Change A Little

    It is difficult to say rather or not the Libyan Revolution will make that country safer. It's sure to make changes, but that doesn't always mean things will be better. In fact, it will probably be difficult to tell for a few years, well after the fighting ends. There's never a guarantee that a revolt will make things safer in the end.

  • They can't seem to improve.

    No, the Libyan Revolution will not make that country safer, because they cannot seem to find leaders that will do the next thing. The leaders who come to power never seem to want to bring the country into the future. Rather, they continue to oppress the people, just in their own way.

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