Will the Lutheran countries usher in the Antichrist?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Call it "Silence of the Lambs II"

    I believe the Lutheran countries will usher in the Antichrist. I don't believe Catholics will as even they are ignorant of the truth (I don't say this to condone Catholics, mind you, as I've said that Catholics are wrong in doctrine), and God punishes those who know the truth and sin still. Do the Lutheran countries not have the truth already. Plus you got Denmark, which refused to give Greenland independence (but I believe that's just prophecy, as the Antichrist will be hungry to steal for his followers. Denmark is descended from Dan, the tribe from which the antichrist will be born out of. We've seen many antichrist-like figures before -- Lester Maddox, the Black Legions of the Klan, the Danish and Lowland Scottish absolute monarchs. But this will be the ultimate one. Believe it's gonna happen. Plus the Nordic love for Israel's wickedness.

  • How in the hell? (Pun semi-intended)

    How will the Antichrist, the person against Christ (per the definition) enter through that land through the Word of God? Where does this come from? Also, if you don't believe in God two things: 1. Don't make an argument for or against anything related to this, as that is a waste of everybody's time and 2. You are in my prayers.

  • No, for a couple reasons.

    Since the book of Daniel implies that he'll come from the Mesopotamian region. And that region isn't really known to be very Christian, much less Lutheran.

    And more because the boogeyman known as the anti-christ doesn't exist and never will. The story of fire and brimstone telling us all to believe "or else" is a tried and true tactic for recruiting followers through fear.

    People use this tactic for all sorts of reasons, religion just happens to lay it on pretty thick towards the end of their respective books.

  • No, Because There Is No Antichrist.

    The evidence for your Bronze Age mythology is the same as that supporting the existence of Jormundr, Angra Mainyu, and C'thulu. That is to say, nonexistent. So to make any certain claim that this people or that will bring about the antichrist is just plain preposterous.

    Also, it implies that you'd think it was a bad thing. Isn't the appearance of the antichrist the precursor to armageddon, and the final victory of god over evil? Isn't that something you faith-heads look forward to? I mean, I personally think pining for the end of the world is morally and ethically disgusting, but that's the beauty of religious faith: It makes otherwise intelligent and decent people believe, say and do things that any modern civilized person living in a 21st century secular society would find repulsive.

  • No, God is not real...

    No because there is nothing to suggest he is real, so if he is not why would Lucifer? Who is to say Lucifer is even bad? He might be good compared to God, we do not know. The concept of anyone doing the Good Lucifer is said to do is irrational thought and just people afraid to leave the bronze age.

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Adam2 says2014-04-16T20:58:31.987
God punishes all sin, but those who know the truth and persistently sin (not to be confused with struggling with sin, because Christians are only human now, and still will sin, but not out of desire). But those who deliberately are wicked even after knowing the truth will be punished with more harshness and judgment then those who sin because they know not of the truth. That's why I think Lutherans will bring the judgment of God upon themselves faster. Does Denmark not lead the world in gay men? Does Denmark not lead the world in its mistreatment of tomboys and autistic people?
Adam2 says2014-04-16T21:00:22.183
Does Denmark not lead the world in feminized men? In womanizers? In blasphemy? In arrogant men?
Adam2 says2014-04-16T21:00:57.690
In the Klan?

Tell you the truth, Mussolini and Hitler are not the monsters Denmark and Scotland's leaders and people have been throughout the ages
SweetTea says2014-04-17T10:18:51.140
Adam2 ... My first question: What is your faith? My second question: Where does Scripture say that ANY one church has its doctrine correct? My third question: Why Lutherans? Sin is in every corner of the world. It can be found in every person & in every faith. Are you familiar with this Scripture verse: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." (Matthew 7:1)? Jesus Christ embraced the outcasts, sinners, etc. You could learn much from his example.