Will the market continue growing (Yes), or is this an anomaly before a big crash (No)?

  • Yes, the market will continue growing.

    Yes, the market is gaining strength again. In my opinion, the job market seems to continue to grow. People do not seem to be afraid to spend money. There seems to be a lot of smaller companies that are strong and growing. I feel that this shows that companies and people are willing to spend money, which means the market will keep growing.

  • Yes, the market should continue to increase.

    Yes, the market should continue to increase, as long as the government doesn't make any hasty budget decisions. Sometimes it seems as though the government doesn't understand the effect that their policies have on the national economy. The deficit has decreased again this year, and I'm sure that news has something to do with the growth of the market. However, if spending is arbitrarily increased, we could see another large dip in the market.

  • I am neutral

    To be honest, it could go either way. It really just depends on us. If we can keep it going, then yes, it will continue to show growth. If we get lazy, or someone does something stupid then it will crash. I guess we shall have to see in the future

  • Forecast Market Growth

    The entire world has just come out of a monstrous recession and governments on a global scale have worked very hard to ensure that the economy can recover, the steps taken have been sustainable in order to prevent another major crash any time soon. I think the small growth we see now will continue.

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