• S&P 500, Federal ERserve & Decline of Foreign Exports

    This past week, the stock market saw the largest decline of the S&P in the past two-quarters, alongside a heavy decline in European exports and investments. Another factor that seems to not shift, quickly enough to see positive change, is the current state of the U.S. Federal Reserve. I do not foresee a swift uprising in the market/s unless we see realistic expectations and stricter policies from the Federal reserves.

  • The Market is Not Done Declining

    It was hopped that the market had stabilized, but it appears after the last week that it is not yet down bottoming out. The continued unrest in many places continues that have a negative impact on the world and US markets. The decline may also be a reflection of many US companies having lost the trust of the public with many recent data breeches. Consumers are fearful and the retail world is fearing the worst for the coming holiday season.

  • Nothing For Growth

    There is no income equality and the majority of people are poor or lack funds to do anything to stimulate the economy. This is the end state of consumerism and capitalism. They didn't think about what happens when the gap widens to this point but it was obvious that it would happen. The economy will not fully recover if this isn't corrected.

  • yes of course

    Everything always swings like a pendulum. It is better to keep it on a low swing, but sometimes it will go out farther one way. But a pendulum will always swing back the other way just as hard as it did the opposite end. It will rebound in time, but probably not just yet.

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