• The merger will be a good thing, if comcast helps.

    I ended my relationship with Comcast after many years of service because they were unethical and offered terrible customer service. Currently, my opinion is that any change for comcast is a good change. They can't get any worse. I hope the merger changes their business model, and isn't going to serve to tarnish Time Warners reputation.

  • No, less competition is never good.

    No, this merger is not a good thing. Time Warner and Comcast are already well-known for their poor customer service, merging the two companies simply makes it easier for them to leverage the lack of choice for customers into guaranteed profits. Cable companies already take advantage of customers, giving customers fewer alternatives is a very bad thing for them.

  • No, the merger between Time Warner and Comcast is not good

    These two mega companies merging will not be a good thing for their customers. They both have already been accused of owning monopolies within their own regions. Once they join together, they will be able to stomp out more of their own competition. They will be bigger, stronger, more powerful. This gives them more ability to over charge people, have poor customer service, and not be accountable to the families they are taking advantage of. There will be no other options for the people, and options are what create healthy market place.

  • A merger between Time Warner and Comcast would be bad for consumers.

    Time Warner and Comcast should not be allowed to merge. Both of these companies are already very large, in fact they are so large that they already have a negative attitude toward their customers. This can be seen in the way they treat their customers in terms of customer service. The companies are so large that one side of the company does not know what they other side is doing, or one person does not have any authority to actually fix any problems. A merger between Time Warner and Comcast would only make the companies larger and less responsive to their customer's needs.

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