• All you 67% that said nooooooo, well to bad they did fool

    Yes I do have to admit that the dolphins are not the best team but you guys where proved wrong because they beat the bills and the broncos lost so they're in boiiiiiiiiiii and i do recall that the dolphins were the first team to win every single game so i think the 67% of you have brain damage

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  • The Dolphins will not make the NFL playoffs

    The Miami Dolphins are a classic case of underachievers. Worse, they are led by an owner who has no idea what he is doing. His early season firing of the head coach lent no stability to the franchise. Overpaying players like Ndamukong Suh have hurt the he franchise terribly by tying up much needed dollars that can't be spent elsewhere. As they are accustomed to saying in Miami, "wait till next year."

  • No, they will not

    The Dolphins will not make the playoffs this year, nor do they deserve to. They simply are not a very good team. They have been mediocre just about all season long and I definitely hope they do not make the playoffs. The only way they will make it is if a better team slips up.

  • Goodbye Miami Dolphins

    The Miami Dolphins will not make the NFL Playoffs this year because they are a team who is not good enough to make it through the playoffs or make it to the Super Bowl and win the super Bowl as well. Only a world class team should make the playoffs.

  • No, They suck

    The miami dolphins will not make the playoffs this year, first the Patriots have already clinched the division, so their only option is through the wild card, where most teams have at least a two game lead. Two their team sucks, their coach sucks, and their stadium sucks, they should just close up shop.

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