• Yes it will outdo the iPad.

    Tim Cook? I dont think he's that great a CEO for Apple.
    Yes, I agree that if Jobs was alive Apple would be better. But now Windows. I am with Windows because I dont think Cook can do anything new like Jobs could. All he's doing is making the screens bigger? Adding new languages? Decreasing the size of the iPad?
    Have you guys seen iOS7? I am using it on my iPhone and trust me it's a copy of Android. And the interface is crappy. All the iPads gettin iOS7 so get ready for the crappy interface.
    All the best.

  • Surface Pro Version that is

    If MS can get the price down so that mass market starts giving Surface Pro's a chance instead of thumbing their noses at them due to high price, then people won't want to go back to limited tablets+laptops again. SPro covers both devices needs easily, and Win8.1 with it's SkyDrive/OneDrive integration is great too.

  • Surface over iPad

    I agree, Windows RT was crappy. The compatibility was Bad, Yada Yada. But that was just a 'Beta' Version. Look at the first iPad. It wasn't that great, but what made it successful was the Marketing. Steve Jobs was an excellent marketer, He could create a hype over the smallest things. He could influence people, He got people to do what they thought was impossible. That's the one thing lacking in Tim Cook. Cook might be an excellent CEO according to some, but compared to Jobs, he doesn't quite reach that mark.

    Getting back to the topic, According to me, The Surface RT was bad, I admit, But that's because it was the First Generation model.

    I really love the new Surface Pro, its interface, the Design and its feel- Some aspects which are starting to get a little to monotonous with the iPad.
    The iPad has remained the same ever since it came out in 2007, except a few minor changes like the camera, 3G, Retina Display and such.
    I feel that this is why the Surface will outdo the iPad.

  • Bad OS Hurts

    The Surface is a neat idea, and I believe that Apple will adopt some of the features of it, such as USB port, others. But the Surface has some drawbacks. First, it is way too expensive, more than a good laptop, including a MacBook Air. Second, you still have to run Windows. The OS is so bad, that's why people purchase Apple products in the first place!

  • It's a better device, but bad marketing

    I like the Surface RT. I own one and it is much better than the iPad. However, Microsoft is bad at marketing things and the iPad is so "cool" that the Surface will not overtake the iPad in terms of market share. The Surface PRO is a different market and will be more successful.

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