• Peace is not geographical

    At some point we all ultimately want peace regardless of where we are geographically. War always exist as does peace but not always in the same place geographically. To think peace will never come to a specific area of the planet is naive. The land itself is not cursed and the people and cultures will change it may just take a while.

  • Yes, We live In the most peaceful time of history, all wars are mostly Civil Wars. -Mostly-

    Lets not be biased and look at middle east only through Iraq and Syria.
    Modernization is taking place in Gulf Sates faster then any where else.
    UAE (Dubai) Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar are all examples. Dubai is just amazing, Kuwaiti Dinar is the strongest currency, Qatar has the highest GDP and is hosting Fifa World Cup, Bahrain is a top expat country.
    There are also a lot of perfectly functioning Middle Eastern countries, besides the Gulf States.
    There might be ongoing issues but lets not forget, the only reason war has started again is because small terror groups decided to take advantage of civil war in Syria.
    Peace will take time, but its on the rise, the only thing stopping that is a group of 40 thousand men who call themselves ISIS.

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  • Sooner or later

    Everyone is pointing to the religion and saying it will never be peaceful. But when you like at the fighters either Sunni or Shiite they are both fighting for power and political reasons. They are not fighting for God, but in stand spreading corruption. I believe that a group or man that are truly Muslims will finally bring us out of our ignorance and lust for this life and not the next.

  • The powers of the Internet and the spread of information

    History has taught us with the printing press, that the spread of information can break down cultural biases and inspire societies to make dramatic changes. The more technology seeps into these cultures, the more new ideas they will be exposed to and new pressures will arise. History has proven that change is inevitable.

  • Yes. But it will take time if we keep on complaining instead of doing something about it.

    We, as a human society and children of God, need to make the people around the world, especially in the Middle East, understand the differences of human culture and learn to accept them. In the end the villain (Devil) always loses. It could take decades for peace (after all the damage has been done) to become a reality. But the villain will always fail. God will not permit himself to be defeated by evil. God didn't create three religions to see who gets the first prize at the end of the race. He made them to follow Him. Life is a test. And we must ACE it! NOT BOMB it!

  • Yes

    If Israel is disbanded, and the people unite under the Islamic Caliphate like it did many years ago, then the middle east will flourish similar to the middle ages, when the countries of europe existed in ignorance and chaos, the middle east was the center of arts science and culture. The problem with the middle east is the countries of the west divided them and put dictators in the countries and keep them fighting against eachother so they can be raped of resources. But mostly Israel is the problem

  • They have been fighting for centuries.

    Why would they stop now, they can never find a common ground or develop a strong enough govern body. They have no problem destroying their own regions over religion and power. They have no belief in country and man. The men are not even staying over to fight they are fleeing looking for hand outs instead of protecting their people.

  • No, it will not find peace.

    The Middle East is tribal. As long as the area is divided into different tribes, it will be at war. Look how the Native Americans fought each other throughout their history. They were tribal people. All that holds an area together is common rule (the peoples' governing body), as the United States government binds Americans together. You can try to blame Israel, but that is not the problem. You have to see the bigger picture. Also, there are religious sects in the Middle East who will never be happy until the whole world is subject to their rule and their religious beliefs. They will always be causing mayhem and chaos. Israel is not the ones who want to take over the world. They only wanted their homeland back. They were granted that right by a majority of the world's leaders. Once done, you can't take it back. Who causes all the trouble -- fanatic Moslems. How do you stop it? You can't because they will never give up.

  • No. Until their religious views and morals change, which they never will, Middle Eastern countries will continue to spark unrest with themselves and each other.

    If you look at Europe, what you can see is an extremely advanced collection of countries, in the West at least, driven mainly by Christianity over the last couple of centuries. While there will always be impurities within every country, I truly believe that it is because of Christianity's beliefs and morals that has resulted in such a model area to exist. Conversely, the Middle East, driven primarily by Islam and its many branches, does not and in my opinion never will have such morals and beliefs that will lead to a peaceful outcome. Humans are very diverse, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad, but ultimately, this diversity will never disappear because it is human nature, and therefore the Middle East will never be at peace.

  • No It Won't

    The Middle East will probably never be at peace. I wish it could, but it won't happen and history has shown us this. That area has been controversial and in an uproar for hundreds of years now and I do not see that ending any time soon. It is very unfortunate

  • No

    There are just too many various religious and cultural groups crammed into a relatively small space. People will not see over the cultural differences and continue to fight over land, religious power, and oil. This region has been at war since the dawn of civilization and will continue to be at war till the end of it.

  • No, the Middle East will never be at peace.

    The Middle East is far too large an area with warring states and terrorist militia groups to be peaceful for any length of time. Any time you have that many groups of people who hate each other in close proximity to one another, there is bound to be significant fighting.

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