• They punish it.

    Yes, the military will make a sincere effort to stop sexual harassment, because they take reasonable steps to stop harassment when it occurs. Also, a person who sexually harasses another can expect to face a court martial to explain their actions. Sexual harassment is often hard to prove, so it can look like the military isn't doing anything, but they do all they can.

  • They Have No Idea How To

    I believe the sexual assault and sexual harassment problems within the military are far more troubling that one would believe and I do not believe they are capable of making a concerted effort to correct these problems. Most of the incidents involving sexual assault include both the victim and the assaulter drinking heavily which, in my opinion, tends to make the case a moot point, yet the military still pursues these charges because they feel they have to. I feel sexual harassment is far less common. I believe once the criminal charges are handles outside of the military, away from their justice system you will see an improvement in numbers because cases that have no standing will be thrown out instead of being included in the statistics. For the most part, I believe the military does attempt to handle sexual harassment but we also have women in the military who are unwilling to accept their role in the problem.

  • overcoming a culture of silence is tough

    Bureaucratic inertia may be the single strongest force in the universe. A real effort to end sexual harassment (and worse, abuse and assaults) in the military would probably require a reboot of the culture, nearly from the ground up, i don't see that as at all likely to happen. Gradual reform, yes, as rocks get kicked over and sunlight disinfects, when the press shines a light on particularly bad pockets, but systemic and sweeping reform? No, i don't believe that will happen, or even can happen currently.

  • No, I believe the military may tend to ignore it.

    The word "military" makes you think of tough looking marines dressed in green camo. The whole persona of the military is "tougher than nails". Based on that , I have the feeling that they would frown upon anything they considered to be "whining". I think the military's response would be to tough it up and deal with it.

  • Sexual harassment is unfortunately part of military life sometimes.

    The military will not make a sincere effort to stop sexual harassment. This is because the men in the military are so young and testosterone and power are very strong things. The military stresses strength, unity, and deference to rule, and sexual harassment sometimes fits into this life because women are overpowered.

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