Will the movie "Ghostbusters" fail to perform well at the box office?

  • The film has already sparked significant backlash.

    In addition to the backlash against the film for having female leads, the re-boot of Ghostbusters has also attracted criticism for perpetuating racist stereotypes about black women. Critical interpretations of the trailers have also suggested that the film is simply doesn't have the quality to rise above the backlash in the box office.

  • Yes, the "Ghostbusters" movie will fail to perform well at the box office.

    Yes, the "Ghostbusters" movie will fail to perform well at the box office because the statistics show that sequels to famous movies never perform as well as the original. The movie Zoolander 2 is an example of how that statement proves true. Although the cast of the new "Ghostbuster" movie are funny, i believe that the movie will not perform as well as the original.

  • Most movies do well these days

    There are a lot of Ghostbusters fans who grew up on the show and are adults now. They will flock to the theatres and watch the movie so it will perform well. Besides, hardly any movies perform badly nowadays. Thanks to all the publicity and marketing plenty of people will watch the Ghostbusters movie.

  • No, it's a classic.

    "Ghostbusters" fans are abundant. With the death of Harold Ramis fresh in our minds, the movie returning to theaters would be a memorial in his honor. Also, "Ghostbusters" fans now have children. Parents tend to enjoy the satisfaction of exposing their children to classics from when they were young. This satisfaction grows exponentially when they create new fans.

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