• It is likely the movie Logan will fare as well with critics and with the general public as have the other Wolverine movies.

    The Marvel Comics "Wolverine" character has a following for a number of reasons related to recent continued incorporation and showcasing of the Wolverine character in the X-Men Series and other relevant contemporary expressionisms. It is likely the movie Logan will positively contribute to this tradition. Hugh Jackman is furthermore a dynamic leading actor, and many members of the supporting cast are sure to fulfill expectations - as will presumptively other important contributing aspects of film production including, but not limited to, decisions related to cinematography, directing, and screen writing.

  • Yes it will.

    Yes, Logan will do as well as other Wolverine movies because of the loyal following. It's a brand that audiences know and recognize, and they will continue to watch whatever comes next. Whether or not it's good remains to be seen, but I believe it will do well at the box office.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Thanks to the positive reception of The Wolverine, Logan is in a better position to break out than was The Wolverine as a sequel to the much-loathed X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans and general audiences liked The Wolverine, and they certainly liked Deadpool. And this offering has the “added value elements” of both an R-rating and the fact that it's “Hugh Jackman’s last ride,” which make this more of an event than it otherwise might be.

  • There is a solid fan base.

    Just like the Star Wars movies don't have to advertise in order to have a following, the Wolverine movies have a lot of fans. These fans don't have to be convinced to come and watch Logan. Logan will have a large group of fans who come see the Wolverine movies no matter what.

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