Will the movie "The Other Side of the Door" perform well at the box office?

  • People love horror

    I'm a horror movie fan. Right now there's the movie "The Witch" out in theatres, but that doesn't appeal to wide audience because it's good and the people in the movie don't know how to use smartphones. The genre of horror that appeals to audiences are movies like "The Other Side of the Door." It's a very familiar story with images and ideas that people recognize. That's what's successful.

  • Will the movie "The Other Side of the Door" perform well at the box office?

    For horror fans the release of "The Other Side of the Door" would be another movie to look forward to. It's performance at the box office cannot be predicted without certainty. However, the storyline seems interesting and the actors also seem impressive, being a supernatural movie it does attract a lot of attention.

  • Haven't heard of it

    To be fair I'm only giving this a disagree because I know nothing about this movie. I mean frankly speaking however, that's a solid part of doing well in the box office, which is marketing and advertising. If I don't even know what this movie is why would I go see it?

  • No, this movie has not gotten public attention

    The movie "The Other Side of the Door" has just recently been released yet it is not supposed to do well at the Box office, due to various issues. First, this movie has not been advertised as much as other movies have been, and it does not include any well known actors. By estimation, this movie will receive 40 million at the Box office.

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